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ProTec Inc. is known for providing exceptional training. ProTec only uses equipment experienced instructors with first-rate instructional skills. All training is conducted with the guarantee, that if you are not satisfied - for any reason, you will not be invoiced.

ProTec offers open enrollment training in various locations. Dates and locations are shown on the course schedule page. If there is a course you are interested in but the dates or locations don't meet your needs, contact us, as we may be able to schedule an additional course that does meet your needs.

ProTec also offers site-specific training that is customized to fit a plant's exact installation. In addition, the course content is modified, if necessary, to fit a client's particular needs. ProTec is completely familiar with INPO guidelines and we conduct the training accordingly (objectives, lesson plan, objective based exams, etc.).

ProTec courses are delivered using a wide range of test equipment so your people are trained using equipment they are familiar with. Site-specific courses are delivered using the same models of equipment your technicians use everyday as to optimize the value of the course to your personnel.

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We are committed to providing the highest quality field services, at a reasonable cost.

ProTec offers an efficient and cost effective alternative to printed circuit board replacement.

ProTec is a Nevada based corporation that was founded by Mr. Kevin Nichols.

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